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Equiping & empowering children

We are a first class private education and complementary tuition provider in the
United Kingdom. Our mission is to equip and empower children to attain the
highest heights academically and function confidently with great self-esteem

Our Vision

Be the Foremost Complementary and Private Tuition
Education provider globally


Our Leadership team have over 80 years of combined experience in delivering quality education. We believe leaders are made rather than born and this philosophy permeates through all aspects of our teaching, in a focused and enthusiastic approach to every child ability to learn and succeed when shown how to.

At CLARSSROOM, we have the very best selection of qualified and trained tutors, this is combined with the very best educational aids and teaching materials to provide a winning formula for each student to grasp. Our focus is not just on the cognitive development of the child but also on mental and emotional development.


OUR MISSION is to empower, grow and develop children in
their cognitive and emotional development through Primary
school ensuring they lead and excel all round.


We ensure children are empowered with confidence in all that they do, learning this from an early age and all through their time with us. We employ a unique adaptive, conceptual and mastery teaching approach in a fun and engaging manner, tailored to making students excellent and confident in learned concepts quickly.

Tuition is face to face and tutor led in a crisp, clean and clear learning environment that emphasizes self-confidence, perseverance, cooperation, self-belief and mastery.

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