One Goal One Term Strategy (Part 3)

One Goal One Term Strategy (Part 3)

In this post, we share two practical examples of the ‘One Goal One Term’ goal setting strategy. Feel free to adapt to suit your child or situation.

One Goal – To understand topics taught in the 11+ curriculum this term and achieve above 75% at the end of term assessment

In this example, your child is sitting the 11+ exam later in the year, First, review where they are, what she knows using the 11+ curriculum and also using a combined analysis from the parent meeting and the end of last term’s report (if available from their tutor) or achievements from past questions on topics she has been taught (no point assessing topics not taught as this can break her confidence). Doing this will highlight what areas she is secure in and also what needs to be her focus for this term. With this in mind, we will agree on our One Goal which could be. “To understand and know topics taught in the 11+ curriculum this term and get over 75% at the end of term assessment”. The objectives could be:

– Read a book each week to improve my vocabulary and knowledge of different genre
– Attend Clarssroom Saturday school for support
– Expand my knowledge of the world, watch the news and read The Week Junior magazine
– Achieve 75% and above in past questions

You can then set daily and/or weekly task to achieve these objectives
– Revise topics done and complete homework from Saturday school on Mondays and Wednesdays for 45 minutes to an hour
– Complete a book review on the book I am reading on Tuesdays from 5pm to 6pm
– Practise one past question paper on Friday on topic taught from the 11+ curriculum

You get the logic, each objective can be completed in this case concurrently as they are required, in some cases it can be done sequentially. They all help achieve your One Goal. Do put this on a visible chart with rewards to motivate your child (they are only little)

One Goal: Improve Reading skill by 1 or 2 reading levels

For a child in year 1 and not yet confident at decoding words, the One Goal can be to ‘Improve Reading skill by one reading levels’. There are three different objectives that will help to achieve this over the course of the term e.g.
– Attend Clarssroom accelerated Reading programme
– Develop love for reading
– Improve confidence and independence in Reading

The daily and/or weekly task to achieve this would be
– Complete set homework from Saturday school using the homework schedule
– Read aloud to an adult daily
– Practice handwriting and say the sounds out loud
– Go to the library on Thursdays to pick up a book and enjoy reading books together
– Read the code book 2-3 times a week

Doing the daily and weekly task helps achieve their One Goal to improve her reading skills by 2 or more levels within the term. Always end the week with rewards stickers and treats to ensure continuous motivation. Doing this as a family in a relaxed manner with conversations is a good start as your child also understands that goal setting is an important activity for everyone either young or old and that as a parent, you are very much interested in supporting them to achieve it.

If you would want to discuss further on how we can support your child achieve their One Goal this term, book a chat with a member of the team using calendly.com/clarssroom/parentsupport