One Goal One Term Strategy (Part 1)

One Goal One Term Strategy (Part 1)

The best thing about the New Year is the opportunity to start afresh on our goals for our children. For some of us, continuing with previously established processes could be sufficient but there is always room for improvement, so we do encourage tweaks or changes be made as we retrospectively review last year’s actions, results, achievements, with a view to looking ahead.

On setting new goals for 2022 with our children, we suggest you have a term long approach, this is a suitable timeframe for progress measurement and monitoring. We call it One Goal One Term Strategy! This ensures you focus on One Item for the next 3 months with your child. This One Goal can be broken down into 3 to 4 different objectives for the next 3 months with timescales set to each objective.

You might ask: ‘how do I help my child to focus on just one thing the whole term without dropping the ball on other points. I have so many targets set by school and many things are important to them, all of which has to be done, how do I do this?’

– Identify what is important to your child in all aspects i.e. personal, academic and extra-curricula.

– Have a discussion with your child and as a family.

– Review progress and achievements from previous term in these areas. Choose the One Goal for this New term i.e. the next 3 months.

In our next blog, we will show you how to use the One Goal One Term Strategy with your child. Until then, Happy New Year once again and wishing you and your entire family a Healthy and Prosperous 2022.