Six Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child To Summer School

Six Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child To Summer School

The sun is out, the days are longer, the summer season is here; and come end of July, school children all over the country, will begin their summer holidays. As a parent/guardian, you know that the summer holidays are simply a pause in the ongoing formal education of your ward(s). With that in mind, you want to ensure that they are in the best shape academically for the next school year. That is where our Summer School comes in.

Below are six benefits of Summer School, and why we recommend that you send your child there:

1) Plug Learning Gaps – Summer school provides an avenue for focused learning. Your child is more likely to be able to concentrate and get more attention from the tutor in the smaller classes, and this will help to consolidate their learning, and plug any knowledge gaps. This is more so important, given the challenges in teaching, that were brought about as a result of school closures during the pandemic.

2) Healthy Mix – Summer schools provide a healthy blend of structured learning (key subjects, standard syllabuses etc) and leisure activities, that will not only give your child an academic boost, but it will also help them improve their learning skills, social and behavioural skills

3) Accelerated Progress – Our tutors can work on specific key topics or areas of concern that you or your child might have, and that focused work will lead to more notable progress over time.

4) Head-Start – As a result of the targeted tutoring approach that your child will receive at Summer School, they will grow in their knowledge and confidence in core subjects, and they will get a head-start in those subjects, ahead of the new school year in September.

5) Exam-Readiness – The work your children their tutors will have put in over the summer months, will put them in a great position to achieve excellent results at 4+, 5+, 7+ and 11+ entrance exams, if that is the desired goal. Great exam performance will put them in prime position when it comes to gaining admission to the school of their choice.

6) Reduce the Burden – For the period that your young ones are at Summer School, you haven’t got to worry about finding childcare for them whilst you are at work. You can rest assured, knowing that they are in a safe, healthy and productive environment.

Our Summer Schools are there to give you and your children not just a great way to keep them busy over the summer period, but a way to ensure they don’t fall behind on their academics, and to prepare them for the new school year, including any exams.