Saturday School

Private Tuition for ages 3½ to 13 Years Old

Saturdays: 9am & 11:30am (Physical Centre) OR 9am & 11:00am (Online)


Give Your Child the Best Tools To Excel and Succeed!

Give Your Child the Best Tools To Excel and Succeed! Call us now on 020 3991 6110

About Saturday School


At Clarssroom Saturday School, our goal is to inspire confidence in your child to learn to READ early and fluently, EXCEL in Maths and English at school all year round and ACHIEVE outstanding success at entrance exams for selective and independent schools.

At Saturday School, children LEARN TO READ fluently and with confidence. Beyond that, they are empowered to COMPREHEND the text they have read, go a step further to WRITE remarkable stories and more so, to do these INDEPENDENTLY. In our Maths programme, they learn their NUMBER BONDS, recall their TIMESTABLE and SOLVE complex Maths and worded problems.

Six Reasons Why Parents Enrol Their Children

  • Build confidence and subject competence
  • Accelerate progress in key topics
  • Achieve higher grades at school
  • Position your child for success at 4+, 5+, 7+ and 11+ entrance exams
  • Early and accelerated reading
  • Excellent learning environment that aids grasp of academic and social skills

Trusted By Parents


“The learning with you has really been a foundation we are building on. At reception now,
my daughter is way above her peers and they are like she is reading at the level of year one.”

– Estelle


“Thanks again for everything you’ve done for Louis as his school report this year was outstanding”

– Neil


“David got offered a place at New Hall. We really appreciate your help… Seni also got offered a place at the school”

– Abi


“My daughter got accepted into North London Collegiate School after doing the 7+!”

– Felicia


“The centre excels in giving feedback and information supporting learning at home. There is significant improvement in my daughter’s phonics and now blending and reading some short words over 3 weeks considering she couldn’t even write or read before starting”

– Parent with child on reading programme


“The English resources are the right resources, and the homework is appropriate as well. This has been very helpful to improve my child’s work. My daughter started at age 4 and she is now 6 years, she is exceeding in her class in English. The lesson has built up her confidence, reading skills and spelling skills.”

– Parent with child on English programme

Programmes Offered


Accelerated Reading Programmes
(3½ years onwards)

This accelerated reading programme helps children as young as 3½ years old learn to read in 12 weeks. Older children struggling to read are taught to fully understand and grasp our step by step scientifically proven method of phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics, which have been proven to accelerate reading and spelling skills.
Children on the reading programme make remarkable progress 2 to 4 years above their starting ages on completion. The skills gained improve other areas of their academic work.


Maths and English Programmes
(5-13 Years Old)

Through the maths programme, our aim is to ensure your child has a deep understanding of key maths topics that will equip them to keep up with schoolwork and move a maths set in school. The English programme uses different comprehension strategies to deepen and develop in children an aptitude for written and spoken word. Our creative writing workshops use guided and modelling writing formats, story organisers, with an analysis of different story elements to ensure your child is equipped with the skills needed to write compelling stories.


Exam Preparation
(4+,5+, 7+ & 11+)

We have helped several children achieve success in entrance examination from 4+ to 11+ exams. Children on the 7+ and 11+ programmes cover all topics required extensively. They are prepared for the entrance exams by practising story formats and topics which are known to be repeated.
For those enrolled on our 11+ programme, a rigorous practise of different exam type questions is covered including GL, CEM, Grammar school and independent school style exam formats with particular focus on exam techniques, time keeping and when required interview preparation is done.

Give Your Child the Best Tools To Excel and Succeed!
Call us now on
020 3991 6110

Included in all Programmes

  • Qualified and trained teaching staff
  • Live and engaging teaching session for up to 2 hours per subject (per week)
  • Bespoke and printed programme booklet for each session
  • Small and interactive class sizes
  • Regular parent feedback and termly progress report
  • Additional online resource for children on Maths Programme
  • Online access to practice question bank for students on 11+ Programme
  • Free on-site parking at all physical locations

Extra Confidence Risk Free Guarantee


We are very confident in the progress and results children achieve with our programmes. We’ve helped over 800 children learn to read, excel at school, succeed in entrance examinations and gain entry into their school of choice.
To give you peace of mind, if after the trial session, you think we cannot help your child, you don’t have to sign up with us. Your child can use the materials provided to you at the trial session and any other free materials given.
You can also use our recommendation to develop an action plan for your child. Our ambition is always to give you value to support your child.


Does my child need to be able to read or write before they can join the Reading programme?

No, your child does not need to know how to read or write before enrolling, it’s our job to teach them. Your child must be 3½ and above to join. Children enrolled on our Reading Programme are taught the skills to read using scientifically proven methods of Phonemic Awareness and Synthetic Phonics which accelerates reading, comprehension and spelling skills.

Will this work for my child as we have tried many programmes claiming to be able to help?

We have helped several children learn to read in a very short time, moved a stage or two in their phonics level at school. Pupils on our English programme have learnt key comprehension skills, spell accurately and are able to write captivating stories with the handwriting they can be proud of. Pupils on our Maths programme have moved up a set or two at school and are quick to recall and solve Maths problems. We are confident it will work for your child if you put in the time.

How will I know the programme or level my child should enrol on?

Your child will undergo a friendly and brief online assessment to ascertain their current level in Reading, English or Maths, and an appropriate recommendation will be presented to you.

Do you give homework?

Yes, we do provide you with a schedule to follow on from the taught lesson which you will be shown how to complete. Please note that homework completion and practice is important for your child’s continuous progress.

We are a very busy family; how much time will be required to complete the homework following the lesson?

A little at a time goes a long way. We recommend 20-30 minutes’ session at least twice a week per programme.

Experience a trial session at one of our current locations


Tutor Led Remote Learning Through Computer-Aided Technology


Haberdashers’ Aske’s
Crayford Academy
Iron Mill Lane, Crayford,


Frances Bardsley Academy For Girls Brentwood Road,
Romford, Essex


St Andrews Primary School
297 Chase Road, London,
N14 6JA


Francis Combe Academy
Horseshoe Lane,
WD25 7HW